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Reverse Mortgage Lender

Steve Bentler, RSSA

Retirement Mortgage Specialist
Registered Social Security Analyst

NMLS #107858

(425) 894-1040
C2 Financial NMLS#: 135622 | DRE #01821025

Steve Bentler | C2 Reverse Mortgage Certified Loan Officer

Reverse mortgages allow seniors, 55 and older, to tap into the equity in their home to produce a stream of income. This compliments any retirement savings and social security, so our seniors can maintain their standard of living and have secure financial opportunities they can depend on. 

Reverse mortgage loans have specific qualifications. Borrowers must be at least 55 years old and own their primary residence. They must also have equity in the house to pay off any outstanding balances.

Why Borrowers Trust C2 Reverse

As the fastest growing division at C2, the reverse team has more Certified Reverse Mortgage Planners than any other mortgage broker in the industry. Only 25% of those who take the reverse mortgage exam pass. Every C2 Reverse Mortgage Planner must then go through a strict proprietary certification process.

C2's proprietary certification program ensures every loan officer has access to continued education so they too can originate reverse mortgage loans. Their program is split into three categories—learn, market, and originate.


Please watch the short videos below for more information about Reverse Mortgage loans and how they work.


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